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Here is the URL for PerMIn 2015 in the ACM DL: http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=2708463

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PerMIn'15 will be a cross-disciplinary platform for presentation and exchange of new ideas by researchers, developers and industry professionals working on different aspects of Human Perception and Cognition Processes and Development of Intelligent Technologies. The conference invites the researchers to participate and contribute to the international forum. Full manuscripts in prescribed format describing original research results, not published or under consideration for publication elsewhere, are only invited for review.

The conference proceedings is to be published in ACM digital library. Publication of special issue including selected papers are also under consideration.



Spatial  and Temporal Vision
Depth and Colour Perception
Attention and Eye Movement
Perception of Shapes, Surfaces and Materials
Perception Driven Visualization
Auditory Interfaces and Spatialized Sound
Speech Synthesis and Recognition
Perceptual Audio, Image and Video Coding
Haptic Rendering, Haptic Input and Perception
Perception Based Sensory System (Taste, Odour. etc)
Affect and Emotion
Statistical Learning and Perception
Approximate Reasoning
Natural and Bio-Inspired Computing
Computational Theory of Perception
Behavioural Modelling
Cognitive Machines
Cognitive Linguistics
Multimodal Rendering
Augmented Reality
Computational Aesthetics
Human Computation and Crowd Sourcing
Perceptual Man-Machine Interface and Display Design
Neuromorphic Engineering and Robotics
Interactive Intelligent Systems


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PerMIn'15 Report
The 2nd PerMIn was held during 26th-27th Feb, 2015. The conference proceeding was published in ACM DL (ISBN  978-1-4503-2002-3 )

About PerMin'12
The 1st PerMIn was held during 12th-13th Jan, 2012. The conference proceeding was published from LNCS, Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-27386-5).

  • Inaugural Ceremony of PerMIn'15
  • Inaugural Talk by Col A. K. Nath (Retd), Executive Director, CDAC, Kolkata on the Inaugural Ceremony of PerMIn'15
  • Group Photograph of PerMIn'15
  • Demonstations of the products developed by CDAC, Kolkata
  • Plenary talk by Prof. Andrea Cavallaro of Queen Mary University of London, England
  • Plenary talk by renowned researcher Prof Subhasis Chaudhuri of IIT, Bombay
  • Discussions going on between Prof. Andrea Cavallaro and Col A. K. Nath
  • Paper presentation at PerMIn'15
  • Paper presentation at PerMIn'15
  • Cultural programme in PerMIn'15
  • Group Photograph of PerMIn'12
  • Keynote address by Prof Jeremy M. Wolfe of Harvard University, USA in PerMIn'12  
  • Plenary talks by Dr. Osamu Yamaguchi of Toshiba Corporation, Japan in PerMIn'12
  • Plenary talks by renowned researcher Prof Subhash Mukhopadhyay of Massey University in PerMIn'12